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I've been thinking about that letter....

the email I wrote to the out of town ex-girlfriend I'd just spent the day with in Baltimore. The one I wrote because I was so incensed about her cavalier dismissal of all the emotional baggage I feel I've the right to carry around, let alone her happy ability to blame me for causing all of our past -- and now quite immaterial -- problems.

Or whatever.

I've considered posting this letter (friends-only) but.. it's a sloppy, mean-spirited sucky thing, not to mention that the squick value is probably a nine and a half (due mainly to the .. topic of the disagreement). I can't bring myself to re-read it (last time I did that I sent an addendum -- too dangerous) but upon rumination I've decided that some claims I'd made (not crucial to my argument) were factually impossible. Sending another addendum would be tacky and, at best would just invite her to argue with me about it, which I don't want to do.

Hey you. I gave you the addy but you prally never read this. If you do, I noticed afterward that the letter sucked and isn't correct in some places. But that's not important. If we ever meet or talk again for God's sake don't bring up anything to do with past disagreements like when you slept with my best friend or when you screamed at me for an unintended slight right before my 8 hour drive home. That includes asking why certain sensible friends of mine, who have been much kinder to me over the years, hate you, while in a public restaurant knowing full well that the reasons are most likely contentious. And when you hear the answer, don't argue about it using the dual shield of being a long distance guest and disavowing incidents which can't be described in said restaurant -- let alone in the detail you're arguing.

But anyhow. I suppose it doesn't pay to be picky about kiss-off letters. Worst case it can be useful held in reserve to ward off any potential future dates. ("You think you want to date me now... take a look at this letter I wrote to an X of mine. We dated on and off for 8 years. This was written about 6 years after we'd broken up. After writing it I decided my points weren't honed finely enough and I was much too generous and kind."
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