sadder_butwiser (sadder_butwiser) wrote in singleandpissed,

sometimes giving up just seems like your best bet

so im hopelessly in love with my high school sweetheart who claims he is hopelessly in love with me but weve both fucked each other over so many time and we both are just so incredibly fucked up in our own personal lives that were at this breaking point no where we cant even talk and theres no way i can ever fall in love with anyone but him i date other people and i have plenty of one night stands but i know in my heart i will never love anyone else and things are just falling apart hes always in jail and im never sober and nothing is right and whats the point of living if you cant be with the one person youre supposed to be with if youre just to weak and have made to many damn mistakes why not just give up whats the fucking point love is never enough it will never be enough when youre dealing with two people who are too lost hopeless and depressed to even know who they are its like mother fucking requiem for a dream shit i fucking quit
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