Rantings of a love betrayed (tigrlily12) wrote in singleandpissed,
Rantings of a love betrayed

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My straight forward boyfriend

My boyfriend the self proclaimed 'straight forward guy' would never do something like this: 

invite me to his work to hang out for a while, tell me he sent me sweet nothings to my myspace and urge me to read them at his desk, only to trick me into logging in, so that he could get my login name and password and then go through all of my myspace messages the next day.  No.  He would never do that.  Nor would he get upset after he finding out i still talked to my male friends after he told me i could talk to whomever I wanted to, knowing fully that I would have given up all their friendships if he asked me to...  

No, my boyfriend would never do that. 
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